MASTER series Wire EDM

Due to continuous advances in the electronics technology, computers, operating systems and software development platforms, the prevailing older technology products are rapidly becoming obsolete with very poor customer support in future.

In view of this, Electronica HiTech has brought to market new generation 'MASTER-series' CNC Wire EDM machines. These State of the Art machines are developed indigenously by our in-house Research & Development team, with due consideration for future needs of the continuously evolving Wire EDM technology and longer product life cycle. The machines incorporate latest technology components to improve machining performance, reliability and to deliver results comparable to reputed imported Wire EDM brands.

The CNC Control
  • HMI : The human machine interface of the CNC control incorporates a reliable high speed fan less embedded Industrial PC with 64 bit high speed CPU. It works on proven embedded Windows 7 operating system which is stored in a flash drive to avoid inadvertent corruption due to power failures. It also helps faster booting of the machine. The 17" high resolution (1280 x 1024 pixels) color monitor with optional touch screen provides finer display of graphics and images.
  • The CNC control software is developed using latest software tools based on .net platform. The user friendly HMI has made machine operation easy and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Editor : The CNC control incorporates program Editor for editing and graphical verification of part programs simultaneously while machining another program.
  • Job Set : It provides very useful features like edge find, center find, 3 point center find, align coordinate system to work piece references, pre-jog, pre-spark up to any straight/ taper/ complex linear block on profile, anti-collision, etc.
  • MCP : The enhanced features of hand held Machine Control Panel (MCP) as well as software MCP reduces job setup time.
  • Motion Controller : As the prevailing DSP based motion controllers are becoming obsolete, the new motion controller in MASTER-series is based on the latest high speed Power-PMAC technology of future with real time Linux operating system. The High-Speed Processor allows true 5-axes simultaneous & independent motion control. It also allows loading & uninterrupted running of large programs of more than 30,000 lines.
  • Communication : USB & Ethernet LAN ports make program transfer easy.
  • Auto-power recovery : The control system is provided with reputed make UPS power backup system to retain machining state in case of power interruption and resume machining automatically from power interruption position when power supply is restored during UPS backup period.
  • Incorporation of embedded microcontrollers has reduced the electronic component count substantially, thus improving reliability.
EDM Technology
  • Stored Technology : The CNC controller stores pre-calibrated multi-cut machining technologies for various work piece materials like steel, copper, aluminum, tungsten carbide, PCD etc.
  • S-pulse : Our latest equi-energy 'S-pulse' technology incorporating Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLD) has enabled high frequency EDM pulse control to avoid machining interruptions due to wire electrode breakage during high speed machining.
  • Pulse Generator : A MOSFET controlled EDM pulse generator provides sharp narrow machining pulses for high cutting precision. To prevent wire electrode breakages, the power of each pulse is instantaneously controlled depending on the machining gap conditions before applying the pulse.
  • AS-pulse : Anti-electrolysis Equi-energy Pulse: The 'AS-pulse' technology option in 'Tool Master' improves the machined surface quality by avoiding electrolytic corrosion of work piece, thus preventing Titanium or Inconel turning blue, Aluminum undergoing oxidation, rusting of ferrous materials and surface degradation of Tungsten Carbide due to cobalt depletion.
  • Corner control : During machining, the wire electrode is always slightly bent in a curve in the direction opposite to the cutting direction due to EDM cutting forces. This causes rounding of sharp corners on the job profile. Also, small radii arc dimensions are affected. The new corner control strategy improves corner sharpness and small radii accuracies in rough cut as well as trim cut machining.
Machine Tool
  • The machine tool structure is designed for high rigidity using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools.
  • All 5 axes are driven by high quality Japanese make precision AC servo motors.
  • X/Y/U/V axes servo motors are directly coupled to ball screw for better reversal accuracy and faster response.
Dielectric Filtration System
  • Use of mineral bed filtration reduces water filtration cost.
  • Water conductivity is automatically controlled by CNC with the help of mixed bed ion exchange resins.
  • Water temperature is precisely controlled by a chiller unit.
  • 0.5 um linear scales are optionally available for X/Y axes.
  • Machine model with Submerged machining technology is available.
  • Machine model with Linear motors for X/Y axes are available for better long term accuracy.
  • The robust high precision Machine model 'TOOL MASTER' has X axis on work table and Y axis on machine column, Granite insulated work table, higher job height of 300mm, best machined surface finish of 0.4 um Ra.

The machines have a very compact foot print for precious space saving. Our customers are delighted with High cutting speed on practical jobs and low machine maintenance cost. The machines are ably supported by our highly competent Sales & Service team.