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Travel X: 1300 / Y:700 / Z:650
Unique Features

She Hong Industrial Co. Ltd,Taiwan (the owners of Hartford Brand) are the largest machining centre company in Taiwan, established in the year 1965. Today, backed by over 44 years of experience in the Research & Development of high precision machine tools, Hartford machines are among the world's more reputed CNC machining centers.

With over 100 models in their product range and manufacturing approx. 2000 sets per annum.

Product Detail
Particular Item Unit LG 1370
Table Working Surface mm 1400 X 650
T-Slot(Size*number*pitch) mm 18 X 5 X 125
Max.Table Load Kg 1000
Travel X Longitudinal travel (X-axis) mm 1300
Y Cross travel (Y-axis) mm 700
Z Vertical travel(Z - axis) mm 650
Distance from spindle to table mm 150~800 (350~1000 mm(op))
Spindle Spindle nose taper ISO40
Spindle speed (standard) R.P.M 8000/10000/12000(BELT) 10000/15000 (DDS)
Feed Cutting Feed Rate MM/MIN 1~12000
Rapid Traverse Rate (X, Y -axis) MM/MIN X=30,Y=30,Z=24/X=40,Y=40,Z=30(OPT.)

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